Assignment of global information


Your assignment must be submitted through the link in the CIS8000 StudyDesk along with your Turnitin Report
Background/Case Study
Congratulations! It is the year 2020 and you have just received The Young ICT Entrepreneur Award and your face is on the cover of Time magazine! This is for your innovation that exploited current and emerging digital technologies and created a new business/product/service/application/technology or business model that the world had not known about before and that delivered great benefits to users. You wonder why no-one had thought of the idea before; the media is amazed at its popularity.

Your task is to go back in time to 2015 and write the Proposal/Business Plan for starting your new company that won essential investor capital to commercialise your innovation. The Business Plan was presented to “Angel Investors”; very experienced venture capital business people who support only a small number of start-up companies based on a unique proposition. It was difficult to get an opportunity to present your Business Plan and even more difficult to convince them of the soundness of your idea. Typically the Angel Investors only invite back for further discussions one out of every 20 entrepreneurs who present to them.

Learning objectives
This assignment specifically addresses the following learning objectives of the course:
• demonstrate applied knowledge of people, technology and management skills in practice across global contexts of change and apply these to organisational systems and processes
• solve complex organisational problems theoretically and practically and critically reflect on the effectiveness of management processes to real-world problems
• communicate professionally and effectively in written and oral communication to various audiences.

Turnitin Similarity check
You must subject your written assignment to a plagiarism check by the Turnitin software prior to its submission in the EASE system. The Turnitin software can be indirectly accessed through the StudyDesk without the need to provide any login-id or password. Your similarity report must be no greater than 25%. Your assignment will not be marked if it is not accompanied by the Turnitin report.

Requirements for your Report:
1: Activity log/journal (approx. 500 words)​
Prepare a log which records your activities and progress related to completing this assignment. In date order, list the following:
>Date of research activity/discussion/meeting
>Topic researched or discussed
>Time duration
>Brief description of research activity/discussion
>Status – not started, in progress, completed, withdrawn
>Responsibility – if you are in a team show which team member has responsibility for each activity
Submit this log as an appendix to your report. ​​​​​​​​10%

2. Report Cover letter: your cover letter (letter of transmission) should explain to the Angel Investors the purpose of the overall document and why you have a compelling case for investment​​​​​​10%

3. Executive Summary: a summary of the key points of your report​​​​​ 5%

4. Details of your innovation ​​​​​​​​​​​20%
Write a summary of your proposed initiative addressing the following:
• What your innovation is about
• Current business/consumer/supply/quality problems your innovation will address/solve
• Competitors and competitive products/services and why your initiative is different
• The key areas where your innovation is likely to have impact
• Who your customers will be, how large the market is, why they will buy your innovation, how you will retain them
• How you can measure the success of your initiative (key performance indicators)

5. Your company ​​​​​​​​​​​​​20%
Describe your proposed new company to commercialise your initiative in terms of the following:
• the industry (e.g. manufacturing, B2C, B2B, services, banking, healthcare, logistics) your company operates within,
• your company’s key products/services,
• your corporate vision and mission,
• your business strategy,
• your corporate structure,
• your major business processes
• your company’s relationship with external entities e.g. other organisations, government etc.
• A risk management plan: the risks your company must consider, severity, probability and planned mitigation (use a table).

6. Technology requirements and infrastructure ​​​​​​​10%
Describe and analyse how information systems could assist your company to service your customers, integrate your suppliers and provide operational efficiency, including the required IT infrastructure.

7. finance and key findings ​​​​​​​​​​​10%
Estimate figures based upon your research and produce an expected Profit & Loss statement for the first 3 years. Clearly state to Angel Investors how much you are asking them to invest and why; explain the anticipated return they will receive.

8. Presentation of your report​​​​​​​​​​10%
Layout, professionalism, Table of Contents, use of graphics or other ways to enhance readability and impact.

9. References – in-text and at the end using Harvard style ​​ ​​​ 5%

Word limit: 4000 words (not including Turnitin Report, Executive Summary, references or appendices) but your report can be up to 4500 words without penalty.
Note the marks allocation for each activity, the length of your solution should be commensurate with the allocated marks.
General guidelines:
• The format should comply with the report structure detailed in the Communication Skills Handbook or ( Please use subheadings, appropriate fonts etc.
You must demonstrate extensive research beyond the text: journals, books, industry journals; see USQ Library: <>.) Google Scholar is a good tool to find references that are more suitable for academic writing.
• Note that material used in Assignment 2 (smart shopping trolley business case) is not accepted for Assignment 4.
Option for team submission
You may choose to either work alone or with up to 2 other CIS8000 S2 2015 currently enrolled students.
• Nominate a team leader who will provide the Course Leader with the details of the team members by 5 October
• Teams must be registered prior to 5 October (no extensions or changes)
• email the Course Leader with your team nominations (; MUST be cc-ed to your other team members
• Only the Team Leader is to submit the report through the StudyDesk assignment 4 link in the name of the Team Leader.
• On the front page clearly state the full details of team members, the names they are enrolled under and student numbers
• other team members must submit the Team Member Form into the link on StudyDesk in place of their assignment
The same marks will be awarded to each team member.

Marking criteria for Assignment 4
A Journal
Compelling and well-structured account. Activities clearly described. Initiative clearly demonstrated.

Reference list provided and correctly formatted.
Good structure and comprehensive account of activities.

Referencing compliant with Harvard referencing method with some minor lapses.
Adequate structure and account of activities.

Minor errors in referencing method.
Adequate structure but limited description of activities.

Limited references provided and/or poorly formatted reference list.
Poor structure and/or inadequate list of activities. Incoherent account.

Lack of reference list or poorly formatted references.
B Report
Professional presentation of material resulting in clarity of message and information.

Professional appearance of title page and accurate table of contents. If used, appendices are clearly labelled and referenced.

Excellent clarity of expression. Grammar and spelling accurate.

Referencing fully compliant with Harvard referencing method.

Wide range of appropriate sources appropriately analysed, applied and discussed.

Clear and concise letter of transmittal, executive summary, suitable tone and style for CEO
Carefully and logically organised.

Title page and table of contents clear and accurate.
Appendices used to provide appropriate supporting material.

Expression fluent. Grammar and spelling accurate.

Referencing compliant with Harvard referencing method with some minor lapses.

Variety of appropriate sources appropriately analysed, applied and discussed.

Format suitable for CEO with minor lapses in audience focus.
Shows organisation and coherence.

Adequate title page and table of contents.

Grammar and spelling mainly accurate

Most sources are referenced.
Minor errors in referencing method.

Clear evidence of research and application of textbook concepts.

At times language is unclear and/or poorly unsuitable for CEO.
Shows some attempt to organise in a logical manner.

Some flaws in title page and/or table of contents.

Grammar and/or spelling contains errors.

Gaps in referencing and errors in in-text references or reference list.

References are used in a purely descriptive way indicating limitations of understanding.

Language is poorly executed or uses too much jargon.

Disorganised/ incoherent. Poor formatting, or missing title page, table of contents.

Appendices not clearly identified or referenced.

Frequent mistakes in grammar and/or spelling.

Unsatisfactory referencing. Few or no references or inconsistent reference method.

No evidence of research or irrelevant sources cited.

Lacks letter of transmittal