Modernism and the American Novel

This paper needs to be between 12 and 14 pages excluding cover page and bibliography. You may not summarize the material, instead you will support and inform your own argument about the literature. I must use the certain sources that are in my annotated bibliography and I have three paragraphs in. I will try to list them all here.
Although generally called a movement, it is more valid to see modernism as an international body of literature characterized by a new self-consciousness about modernity and by radical formal explanation. The early part of the twentieth century was marked with some very big changes. There were a lot of technological advancements, significant political changes, and perhaps the most notable change was World War I; a war that none had seen or felt before. Literary modernism resulted as a result of cultural, political, and the artistic awareness, before, during and after the war. The world wasn’t the same anymore and writers and authors were looking for new ways that would reflect those changes.