Judaism, Islam, and Christianity worship the same god?


You MUST MUST MUST read the book and cite it. It is very important. The textbook must be your primary source!!!! You can have more sources but the textbook will be the most important one. You must provide ample textual support for your position or interpretation. When you cite the book from class, you may use just the author and page number. Any other source will require a full parenthetical MLA citation.
Write a 5 page essay responding to the following question “Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all claim to worship the same god. Given what these religions say about God, does this statement really make sense?” To answer the question, you will have to describe the god that is worshipped by more than one religion, and compare them. Here are the 10 steps you need to follow to write the paper. Do not exclude any of the steps.
2.Clearly describe the Jewish idea of God (chapter 3). YOU MUST GET THIS INFORMATION FROM THE BOOK.
3.Describe the christian idea of God (chapter 4). YOU MUST GET THIS INFORMATION FROM THE BOOK.
4.Describe the Muslim idea of God. 4. (chapter 5). YOU MUST GET THIS INFORMATION FROM THE BOOK.
5.Provide clear description of commonalities among religions. what do they share/ have in common? Compare their definition of God.
6.Clearly identify your position (this is your thesis) do they really worship the same God?
7.Provide coherent arguments supporting your thesis
8.support your arguments with relevant textual support (citations) and provide clear explanation of textual evidence
10.Works cited page
*IMPORTANT* If the textbook is not your primary source, the paper will be wrong. Please go to www.chegg.com username: acobos90@hotmail.com password: Ale10841 and find the “World religions today” book.
(My opinion is that The 3 religions do follow the same God, they just have different ways to worship him. different cultures. different traditions. With the pass of the time the scriptures have been changing, but the God is the same. They also have in common most of the prophets)