Compare Descartes and Locke on: Is the idea of God innate?

Is the idea of God innate? Compare Descartes and Locke on this question. What reasons does Descartes provide for the claim that our idea of God is innate?(See both Descartes’ Meditations On First Philosophy and include at least 1 objection to the Meditations and Descartes’s Replies)
What is the best argument that Locke provides against this claim (See both Book I, Chapters II and IV by Locke)? Which author has the better case?
Why or Why not?(Read these four books carefully)

These kind of discussion should be in this paper:
1. Explain the views that you are discussing in enough detail to make the points you wish to make. By ‘Explain’ I mean give an account of the reasoning the authors you are discussing have used to establish their conclusions. Assume that the person reading your paper does not already know what you are writing about. In other words, demonstrate that you understand the material.
2. Then evaluate the views you are considering.What are their strengths and their weaknesses? Are the weaknesses enough to show that the position is not acceptable? Whose view is best? Is either view acceptable? Why or why not? And this too will require that you provide a rationale for why you have come to these conclusions.
3. Explain why your verdict(s) on the views discussed follow(s), i.e., what are the reasons why the person reading your paper should accept your conclusion(s).
4. Use a consistent method of citation, and when quoting, or paraphrasing or otherwise making reference to a text, include page numbers in the citation! (2 additional academic resources)