Term paper- Psychology of Libertion

Allen, R.L (2005). Reassessing the Internal (Neo) Colonialism Theory. The Black Scholar, 35,

1, 2-11. https://thenile.phpbb-host.com/sutra3793.php

Brave Heart, M. Y. H., & De Bruyun, L. (1998). the American Indian holocaust: Healing

historical unresolved grief. American Indian Alaskan Native Mental Health Research, 8(2), 56-


Fanon, F. (1965). A dying colonialism. New York, NY: Grove Press.

Fanon, F. (1994). By way of conclusion. In black skin, white masks (pp. 223-232). New York,

NY: Grove Press.

Hedges, C., & Sacco, J. (2012). Days of destruction, days of revolt. New York, NY: Nation


Memmi. A. (1991). The colonizer and the colonized. Boston, MA: Beacon Press

As you read the above, track and take notes on the following key concepts:

For Memmi:
colonialism, colonizer, colonizer who rejects, colonizer who accepts, decolonilization,

usurpation, mutilations of the self, countermythology, assimilation, Nero complex, solidarity

of the vanquished, composite identity, false consciousness, defensive racism, the mark of the


For Fanon:
abandonment complex, collapse of corporeal schema, counterassimilation, cultural resistance,

disalienation, epidermal racial schema, massive psychoexistential complex, corporeal schema,

historico-racial schema.

The Memmi and Fanon readings introduce us to the phenemonology of how colonialism affects the

psyche of both colonizer and colonized. Allen and Hedges & Sacco explore the creation of

internal colonies in the US, dating from early (and continuing) efforts to colonize Native

Americans and African Americans, to internal colonies created currently as colonialism has

morphed into transitional capitalism, neoliberalism, or neocolonialism.

In Hedges & Sacco’s chapter on Camden, “days of seige,” we are confronted with what they call

a “zone of sacrifice,” a city and its inhabitants and ecosystem that have been experiencing a

“slow moving Katrina.” It is also a city affected by those who are wounded who reach out to

others who are wounded.

To prepare to write this essay, please reflect as you read it on what this portrait of Camden

has to do with psychology. Indeed, what does it do with your psychology. the situation in

Camden affects not only the structure of our psyche, but the contents of what is in our

conscious and what is in our unconscious.
In a 3 page essay, explore the question: What does Camden have to do with your psychology,

your psyche? Claim your own social location(s) vis-a-vis Camden and the themes Hedges & Sacco

Highlight. How do they affect the structure and content of your psyche?

Writing tips:
-Summarize where you will be going in your essay in your first paragraph
-Announce each theme at the start of a paragraph, describe it, develop it, give examples, and

summarize your insights.
-Be mindful of how your bring the reader from one theme to the next, including transitional

sentences that help the reader see how these ideas are interrelated in your thought.
-Include a summarizing paragraph where you gather together for the reader where you have been

and how the parts fit together.
-Consider how your language can be true to your topic.
-Keep focused.

Also, APA format is to be followed religiously.
Everything should be properly referred and cited! Please reference as much as possible from

the reading list provided.