Sports Psychology – MY SLIGHT EDGE – Essay

This is a Sports Psychology Course.
The paper should be written based on a self experience. So You can get creative and pick any topic that will make the paper interesting for the reader.

I suggest Setting the Topic on a experience such as Healthy Eating decisions and things like that.

You can use some sources to support facts about Healthy eating and diets if you wish.

Be sure to answer the following questions:

1. Describe a situation when your willpower made the difference in your performance. Detail the setting, and the emotional and physical sensations you experienced.

2.Discuss 3 positive and 3 negative sources of energy for you. Please include examples from both your performance environment and general daily experiences.

3.Do you have a fixed or growth mindset, or does it fluctuate depending upon the situation? What do you attribute this to, and what can you do to support a stable growth mindset?