Psychological contract and project management

Generally, lecture wants me to write a critical review after reading the articles.
I hope writer could read through the articles i upload and choose one to write about, critically point out the weakness of the article and explain the reason logically, relating to project management knowledge and quoting other article’ opinion to support opinion in review.(that can prove i have read all those articles), i hope the number of words could be 700-750.

And this is what lecture want us to do about how do we write a critical review.
Typically, when writing a critical review of this nature, you are advised to consider the
following questions (not exhaustively):
• What is the chosen peer-reviewed academic journal article about? What is/are
the central argument(s)? What conclusion(s) are the author(s) making?
• How have the author(s) derived their arguments? What methods were used,
and how have the methods influenced the strength of the argument(s)? To what
extent do the methods used convince you of the argument(s) they make?
• How does the chosen article contribute to our collective understanding of the
coursework theme? What are the implications of the argument(s) found in the
chosen article, especially for the theory and practice of project management?
• What are the limitations of the chosen article? Where are the weak points?
What are the implications of these, for theory and for practice?
Thinking through these questions might help you focus when reading the literature.