Artificial Intelligence

In an article, The Theory of Successful Intelligence, Robert Sternberg (1999) contends that, “Some people are intelligent and creative, but foolish. That is, they are smart but not wise.”

How does this comment fit with what Sternberg (2009) has to say in Chapter 11: Human and Artificial Intelligence, especially in reference to his own triarchic theory?

What would you say is the difference between intelligence and wisdom? Who would be an example of an intelligent person? A wise person?

Answer the discussion question by:

(1) Referring to and integrating ideas presented in the text and any supplemental readings

(2) Citing outside resources if necessary to make your point;

(3) following APA style guidelines for citations and references. You will be evaluated on how well you can demonstrate that you understand the ideas presented throughout the unit, including assigned readings, discussions, and independent investigations. You will also be evaluated on the quality of your work—its academic rigor, how well it shows your ability to think critically, and how completely it covers the questions asked.




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