After a close reading of Chapter 2, analyze the differences among the various contributions and factors relevant to psychopathology. Compare and contrast the included approaches, citing differences and similarities. DO NOT SIMPLY REPEAT WHAT IS IN THE BOOK, BUT ANALYZE HOW EACH APPROACH INFLUENCES THE CONSTRUCTION OF PSYCHOPATHOLOGY. YOU WILL NEED TO GO BEYOND THE BOOK AND USE SCHOLARLY SOURCES AS FOUND IN THE ESC ONLINE LIBRARY. You may compose a written analysis of at least 6 pages,

the book Abnormal Psychology, An Integrative Aiipproach, 7th edition by Barlow and Durand, ISBN: 978-1285755618.

I. Description of your topic, problem, or research findings. (9 pts.)
a. Provided a review of the relevant literature
b. Described the focus of each section of the assignment, and if applicable, addressed comparisons among multiple approaches.
c. Identified key aspects of the topic, problem, or research findings.

II. Critique of your findings (9 pts.)
a. Identified any “gaps” present in the topic, problem, or research findings and how they affect your overall theme.
b. Justified the importance of each section of the paper or project–i.e., how does it contribute to knowledge gained from this assignment?
c. Assessed each section’s usefulness in explaining your research question and assertions.

III. Organization & other logistics (7 pts.)
a. The paper or project was of an appropriate length to explain and analyze your focus and theme.
b. The paper or project was well written or presented, and clearly organized (introduction, body, conclusion)
c. The paper or project advanced a clear central thesis
d. The paper or project was professionally presented and free of typographical, spelling, grammatical and/or verbal errors.
e. The paper or project highlighted aspects of this study in a way that complemented class discussions & readings