UK MP for my constituency of Edinburgh

UK MP for my constituency of Edinburgh

Answer the following questions in sentence form.

For example don’t just write “John Smith” as an answer in your blog, you should write: “The UK MP for my constituency of Edinburgh East is John Smith.”

Don’t include my questions in your blog.


1) Who is the UK Member of Parliament (MP) of the constituency you live in?(I live In Edinburgh)
2) Who is the Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) of the constituency you live in?(i live in edinburgh)
3) What matters or powers are reserved by the Westminster UK Parliament?
4) Which devolved matters or powers do the Scottish Parliament deal with?
5a) Include a picture of the inside of the:

• Debating Chamber of the Scottish Parliament

• House of Commons Chambers of the UK Parliament

• House of Lords Chambers of the UK Parliament

*Remember to label your pictures!*

*Discussion and Reflection

5b) Describe the physical differences between the three chambers.

5c) Describe the difference between the ways representatives are elected or chosen for each chamber.

6) Consider the influence common people can have on creating new laws or affecting the way the government works. Reflect personally on how “democratic” you feel Britain is today because of this.

7) In the UK and Scotland the government is “held accountable” by parliament. In what ways can the Scottish Parliament discuss, question and critique the party in power?

8) The Scottish Government wants more powers to be devolved. What could be some of the advantages or disadvantages of this?

9) Compare the British and Scottish government with your government back home(my home country is Azerbaijan). What are the main differences? Are there any similarities? What aspects of each government do you think work best?


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