‘The 2003 Iraq War constituted a crisis of the collective security function of the United Nations.’ Discuss


I would like you to write me as essay about International Law.
I would like the writer to mostly use primary sources such as legislative, treaties, regulations, decisions of courts and tribunals, statues, case law.
Please do 12 font point.
Please do reference in OSCOLA style************ IMPORTANT
Please do include page numbers.
Book recommended;
-Vaughan Lowe, International Law (Oxford University Press 2007)
-Malcolm D Evans (ed), International Law (4th edn Oxford University Press 2014)
-Martin Dixon, Robert McCorquodale and Sarah Williams, Cases and Materials on International Law (5th edn Oxford University Press 2011)
The most important thing is I have suffered from the previous work, order no. 81508487, the work was mostly grammatical error, the writer was lack of understanding the topic, fully did wrong in reference which I requested( OSCOLA).
Would you kindly please do checking for writer’s quality?