Reintegration and Reconciliation of child soldiers in Sub-Saharan Africa following periods of armed conflict


This research paper should focus on a case study of child soldiers in: Uganda (Lord’s Resistance Army), Sierra Leone (Revolutionary United Front), and Sudan all in the post-Cold War context and attempt to explain the methods of reintegration and their effectiveness in other sub-Saharan African nations as well.

Please operate with the research question similar to: How effectively have the challenges of reintegrating child soldiers in Sub-Saharan Africa into society been addressed?

The thesis statement should remain extremely similar to: Reintegrating child soldiers in Sub-Saharan Africa is important for reconciliation and societal healing because it permits a society to move past conflict, healing is necessary for former child soldiers to become productive members of society, and society remains fractured without reconciliation.

Please keep the focus on child soldiers that were forced, abducted, and physically coerced into child soldiering for this paper as those that willingly enlisted are not the focus of this paper.

Please provide a thorough analysis of the topic as simply reporting will not be acceptable.

Please include a table of contents and ensure all headings and subheadings are left-aligned and page numbers are in lower right corner.

All citations should be in the form of Chicago Style footnotes and include: last name of author(s), name of book or article, and page number. Please utilize Ibid when a citation is exactly the same as the previous citation.

It is required that there should be a minimum of one citation per paragraph (excluding the introduction and conclusion).