Parliamentary Submission

The topic for this assessment in 2015 is:
• Prostitution Bill 2011 (regulatory approach for sex work in Western Australia)
This legislation was proposed but due to internal debate within the government has not progressed beyond its second reading to be voted on.
This assessment requires you to review a range of materials to inform your argument including transcripts from Hansard (written records of parliamentary discussion and debate), peer-reviewed articles, opinion pieces and media stories.
You are required to think critically, examine a variety of viewpoints and develop an argument based on the available evidence. Your submission should present your information, point of view and supporting evidence or reasons clearly, precisely and as succinctly as possible.
The submission should be referenced (minimum 20 peer-reviewed references).
When writing your submission you should:
• Include an opening paragraph with a summary of your main points (this is not an introduction but a summary of your submission);
• Indicate why you are for or against the proposed reforms;
• indicate whether you are for or against any specific measures in the reforms;
• summarise any changes you want and indicate why (with reference to evidence).
There are some example submissions under ‘Additional resources’ below along with some background information to better understand the topic.
Please use standard research paper formatting in conjunction with the instructions above and the marking key to ensure to achieve a high mark.
Your submission should be in third person. As your arguments should be based on evidence the following statements may be useful for you to use:
• The evidence suggests that…
• A study of this approach in New Zealand found an increase in…
• The legislation may result in… according to…
• The implications of this aspect of the reforms could be…