Corruption In Nigeria

This is a research paper so it needs to be well written, you have to write in active voice and use plain English the analysis ( so 3 strong arguments with lots of evidence )should have lots of data and information tables, graphs figures would be fine , please this paper should flow, a hook statement would be fine , this paper should be interesting to read and the paper should have some room to breath , please this paper is worth a lot and following the instruction would be nice, make this paper capture the reader, and i would repeat once more follow instructions and make the paper flow and enjoyable and please lots of data and evidence would be needed also a cost and benefit analysis would be fine i believe this should be in the paper and also talk about the alternatives what are other people saying, the format of the paper is below, and also i have attach or rather uploaded the outline to be used in the paper, please follow the comments made by the professor on the thesis statement and also there are 5 bibliography you can add 2 more and it should be academic reference( journals, justice website , stat canada). AT the end of the paper you need 3 recommendation on what can be done to solve the issue and choose one of out the three that you think would be good Please i repeat once more follow the instructions giving , am looking forward to seeing the good work you going to put on this paper, AND also i would need a 4 pages draft to this paper to be ready in 5 days , so on the 10TH of November 2015, the draft should include the background, analysis and one page bibliography please the idea of the draft is important so i can see the flow and organization of the paper the draft does not really need to have the graph so just the introduction topic and thesis statement , background and analysis please i repeat lots of evidence .

and also the paper should not begin with this, or my , so go straight to the point and please once more follow the instructions on the outline uploaded

FORMAT: The research paper must conform to the following format:

Title Page

Abstract( between 150 to 250 words )


Background (3 quarter of a page)