Nutrition behaviours

General guidelines and topic:
• You are to assess and critically analyse your diet and wider lifestyle behaviours in this project.
• The focus is NUTRITION and you focus on the analysis/analyses of your nutrition habits.
• You have to use evidence to support your statements! Especially peer-reviewed journal articles. We suggest
that you use a minimum of 5 journal articles and 3 other reliable ‘grey literature’ sources such as government
websites (this recommended number is different for each assignment). Remember that Week 3’s lecture and
tutorial focused on scientific evidence, citing and referencing. Also – like with the other 2 assignments – you
need to reference images. Don’t hyperlink images in this assignment (you are only allowed to hyperlink in the
blog assignment) – instead, either list the image source (i.e. web address) below the image (you can use this
resource to shorten long web links if you want to: or ‘cite/reference’ the images as Sophia
did in Week 3’s lecture using letters, e.g. [A]. If the image is your own, please state that in a caption beneath
the image.
• This assessment has an emphasis on learning outcome 3.
• You can use some or all of the lifestyle measurement tools you used in tutorial classes T3-5 in Weeks 4-6 (e.g. 24-
hour recall of vegetable intake, food diary, IPAQ, DASS, etc.). You may also choose to use other lifestyle
measurement tools (preferably those that are validated by evidence) not covered in classes.
• You will submit a Word or pdf document via Turnitin/Moodle.
• A suggested structure for your project is outlined below. The main section headings are mandatory (e.g.
Background, Methods…), but you can decide what you include within each main section. Remember to keep
the Marking Rubric on page 2 in mind, and to cite references throughout.
o Title of your choice
o Background: things that you could include: nutrition/lifestyle influences on health, types of nutrients/foods,
determinants of (your) food and drink intake/wider lifestyle habits, what are guidelines for nutrition/physical
activity, nutrition/lifestyle assessment methods: how, why, limitations?
Nutrition Project Guide and Marking Rubric, page: 1 of 2
GENM0707 Nutrition and Health, S2 2015
o Methods: How you assessed your own nutrition/lifestyle habits. Include some or all details of your
assessment activities in the tutorials, e.g. the 3-day food diary that you completed. With this food diary, you
can estimate your daily intakes of energy in kJ and/or macro- or micronutrients that you are interested in. If
you used an app to do your food diary, this information may have been calculated automatically, but if
you recorded your food and drink intake on paper