Professors Instructions:
You should create your own personal profile based on age, gender and activity level; you may find the total energy need calculation information on page 380 of your textbook for 3rd edition and on page 400 for 4th edition. FYI-I have the 3rd addition and I can send you a picture of the total energy need calculation page if needed?. You can then calculate your standard RDA/DRI’s goal percentages (USDA Food Guide recommendation) for total amount calories, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. You can find this information in the appendix A of your textbook. Then, you should compare the choices you made in 2 days (your actual intake) to the USDA Food Guide recommendation for your age, gender and activity level. You should also calculate the percentage of calories coming from Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate for your actual intake.
In the 2 day diet diary, after recording and comparing your data, you should answer the questions which are provided to you are on a separate sheet of paper. Your name and the date should be on the pages. All the forms and the report should be send through Blackboard by assignment link.
Your diet analysis and discussion will not be graded on how well you eat. That’s your responsibility. It will be graded on how well you discuss and analyze it.

Common Mistakes:
When recording your nutrient intake, ignore superscripts; values that read <1 = 0; tr (trace) = 0. Do not include more than one decimal column.
Be careful when adding columns, if you find that a nutrient is more than 150% of the DRI, recheck you math. Be precise using decimal points.
Do not get nutrient values off food labels, they are not complete. Look up the food or a similar food in

Appendix A of the text.
If you chose to do a computerized nutrient analysis, you must still complete forms 2, 3, and 4 and answer the questions.

Note: No reference NEEDED and theres a specific chart that needs to be used to input the information which I will attach.

Personal information: Age 33, Gender female, Height 5.4 and weight 180. My activity level is average. I usual eat boil eggs or cereal in the mornings with a cup of tea. My lunch consist of white tuna in water with a salad with tomatoes, cumbers, advacado and balsamic dressing with a bottle of water or bake or broil chicken with a vegetables. For dinner chicken breast with a salad and a bottle of water. Snack a pear or apple. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me via email or cell.