Junk science


1. Find an online article about nutrition. Paste the link in the assignment.

2. Using Table 1.1 “Sorting out Nutrition Information” determine if the

information makes sense. Provide a word-processed response justifying your position. Reference each table points in your summary.

3. Scoring:

1) Appropriate website pasted into assign. 5/5 points

2) Clear use of Table 1.1 to guide your observations (20 points for each table point) 80/80 Points

3) Clear/research based advice for your patient. Would you recommend the product? 10/10 points

4) Writing provides focus, content, organization, style, and conventions. 5/5 points

Some editing notes:

Don’t use the words “you” or “we”

Don’t use text messaging in a professional document.

Use the formatting suggested as an outline for the paper

Sample Projects:

Junk Science Sample Project 3.docxView in a new window

Junk Science Sample Project 2.docxView in a new window