Choose one of these either a jazz musician, a musical theme, time period or type of Jazz that is personally meaningful to me. ( I am from South America in Venezuela) and explore the topic with relevance to a psychosocial analysis of musical aspects of my identity. Talk about one of these subject and basically talk about why is that meaningful to my identity. ( since you don’t know me you will have to talk about whathever you want for example imagine I want to be a journalist and how that is my identity) This will result in a paper of about 7 pages, combining aspects of a research paper regarding the musical aspects, and a narrative of personal experience (or memoir). Choice of musician or theme should represent a resource for understanding the student’s own identity.
This project may be an unusual one, as it combines third-person research writing
with first-person memoir. To help your thinking, here are some examples,
suggested by past student projects:
a) An Art History major examined the relationship between music and the visual arts during the Harlem Renaissance periods of the 1920’s and the 1960’s.
b) A fan of rap and hip-hop explored the relationship between these musical forms and the jazz of John Coltrane, including the fusion genre known as jazz-rap.
c) A lover of poetry studied the relationship between the “jazz” or “beat” poetry of the 1950’s and music of an era important to the shaping of her own identity.
d) An international student explored the similarities between Bessie Smith’s
Biography and music, and the similar treatment of women in her culture of