How do music brands influence your relationship with music as a commercial and creative enterprise?

Please remember the following formatting and writing elements (getting them wrong WILL reduce your mark to a greater or lesser extent depending upon the amount of formatting or writing errors):
a) Musical compositions and album titles, like book and film titles go in Italics
b) The creator’s name and year of publication/release go in brackets after the first reference to a text
c) The full stop after a quote goes AFTER the reference (like this).
d) Do not start sentences with conjunctions (and, but, because, or or with). A conjunction is a joining word
which links different parts of a sentence unless for dramatic emphasis (which is why journalists do it all
the time).
e) 1.5 or Double space your essay when submitting it.
f) Remember to put page numbers.
h) The list of texts you have used is called a Bibliography (for printed material like books or chapters), a
Filmography (for films), a Videography (for TV or music videos), a Discography (for music) or a
Webography (for websites and material originally from the web).
i) References are NOT the list at the end but are the individual citations throughout your essay.
j) Proofread carefully – try reading things out loud to help (you’ll be surprised how efficient it is in helping
you spot areas of punctuation, spelling or grammatical concern).
k) Save your file so that when you upload the final version you are confident it is that version. For example,
Module Number-Student Number-DRAFT but then replace DRAFT with FINAL for the copy to submit. A lot of people accidently submit wrong versions for the lack of clear file names.