Wolf Of Wall street Movie Review

Topic: Wolf Of Wall street Movie Review
Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Present the movie using a sociological perspective. You have to find the concepts ONLINE and use at least 3 concepts I have given below and explain them really well. use your sociological imagination. Explain all the drugs appear in the movie.
Don’t try too many, but explain them better how the concepts relates to the movie
Ascribed role or status: a role or status assigned according to hereditary traits without regard to individual preference, ability or performances
Achieved role or status: : a role or status attained through individual choice, effort, action or accomplishment. Those status roles earned by work or other merit
Clique: A small group of intimates with intense in-group feelings based on common sentiments and interest
Cultural Diffusion: the process by which the characteristics of one culture are adopted by members of another culture
False Consciousness : Look it up online
Gender Division of Labor: What scenes supported and which scenes subverted the gender division of labor or role norms?
Impression Management: Look it up Online
Looking-glass self: Perception of the self that one forms by interpreting the reaction of others to him
Power: change in color usually denotes change in some kind of power, social, norms or economic ( watch for such changes in the movie)
Rite of Passage: any rituals that marks movement from one status to another
Stigma: a physical feature treated as degrading of the persons who have it, what was stigma based upon the movie? how was stigma distinguished in the movie?
segregation: Look it up online
Symbols Sets: voice, clothing, body talk, behavior. Each symbols set can be used to create social facts or to mystify them. notice how each of these was used to define the situation, social classes, and communicate ideologies and values
role conflict: contradictory expectation between two or more social identities in one’s self system