The report of refer to the show of ‘Louder Than Words’

Topic: The report of refer to the show of ‘Louder Than Words’
This assessment task is a 2000 word essay, included in the word count is a 150 word abstract. Referencing should be Harvard with in-text citations and a comprehensive reference list. The font should be Times New Roman, 12 point with double line spacing.
The essay will be an analytical response to a work in a dress rehearsal of Sydney Dance Company’s production Louder than Words which you will be required to attend in the first week of October. The essay will investigate the use of contact in the choreography with reference to class themes, dance theorists, and the work of other choreographers. You will be required to investigate a research question and create a dialogue between your own analytical responses to the chosen dance piece and the work of other theorists and practitioners in the field, and to form some coherent conclusions.
Once submitted via Turnitin the written assignments will be assessed by the course convener, who will provide online feedback and grading which the student can access through the My Submissions link in ilearn.
Assessment criteria:
a) Evidence of well-devised and clearly articulated structure and organisation.
b) Evidence of correct academic protocols, formatting, and referencing.
c) Evidence of critical, analytical, and integrative thinking: extent to which reasoning, questioning and analysis are applied to the topic.
d) Evidence of appropriate and well researched response to the theme.
Those are the require of the essay from our teacher.
Because of I miss the time, I didn’t go to watch the performance, but I can find the some parts of the performance. Here is the link:
You can just refer that to write this essay.
Moreover, I want to tell you some of topics in this unit. They are: contact basic principles; principles of weight-taking, weight-taking basic principles development, contact duo sequences development. Overall, it is all the things is above the contact work. So, can you also use these theories in the essay?
Lastly, If you have any question, please contact me. Thank you.