Production Design(movie)

Topic: Production Design(movie)
Choose a chapter(“Production Design”) and analyze a film of your choice(“Edward Scissorhands”) in detail using the concepts introduced in that chapter. Remember your paper must have a purpose. Why discuss the topic beyond “the fact that the filmmakers or actors do a great job.” What value does the particular element you are discussing add to the films thematic content, a particular aspect/focus of the film, extension of the genre, etc…? You must have a purpose for analyzing the film in terms of the chapter you select(“Production Design”). The analysis should come from you (no research please). Use detailed examples from the film text to support your analysis (a thorough and concise paper usually provides about three to four detailed examples to support the analysis and claim). You may not use the same film you have selected to present in class. Paper format: double-spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman and 1 inch margins. Your topic must be approved. Please drop box a digital copy (.doc/.docx) of your paper before class on the due date and bring a hard copy to class.