Supply chain management

Quiz: The Goal Name ______________________________
1. In Chapter 3 an announcement is made at headquarters about the future of the division.
a. What was that decision?
b. What does Peach say the future of their business depends upon?
c. What is meant by the answer in 1.b? (How is the character using the term and what is its implied
2. In Chapter 5 Alex is overlooking the plant and thinks about what the goal should be.
a. What are some of the things he thinks about?
b. Why does he rule them out?
c. What does he finally decide?
3. In Chapter 18 two bottlenecks are identified in the plan.
a. What is the definition of a bottleneck according to Chapter 18?
b. How did they find the bottlenecks?
c. Identify at least one strategy to manage a bottleneck?
4. Most students in this class are not supply chain management majors. Thinking about your specific
major and functions you might perform as a professional in your major, what lessons might you apply
from The Goal into your career? (one to two paragraphs) Use specific examples, situations and lessons
learned by the characters in the book when you perform your analysis, do not just provide philosophical
and generalized statements of popular management theory.
5. There are 3 types of constraints. The Goal spent most of its pages discussing one type: Resource
constraints, such as machines or other physical resources. But it mentioned or gave examples of the two
other types. What are these and give some examples you have observed in your experience
7. What were some of the steps that were taken at the constraint to make sure that the constraints’ output
was maximized (ch 19)?
8. What were some of the steps taken other places in the system (other than at the constraint) to make sure
that the constraints’ output was maximized (ch 21, 23, 26)?