supply and demand

Required Report #1 Demand and Supply Analysis
Find a current semester’s newspaper/magazine article about a good or service (preferably one that you are familiar with). Use any current periodical and your understanding of supply and demand to apply the concepts to a broad area of real life issues.
Summarize the article using as many supply and demand terms as apply. (For example, has the number of buyers/sellers increased or decreased, how has the buyer/seller responded to price changes, are there surpluses or shortages in the market, are there substitute/complementary goods, does elasticity come into play?)
Illustrate what you stated above using a minimum of three different supply/demand graphs from the text. (Do not use other graphs such as pie charts, bar charts, and line graphs.) Watch the supply and demand analysis video series (Steps 1, 2, and 3) I provided for you in this module to help you create your graphs.
Demand Graph: Has a movement along the demand curve or a shifting of the demand curve occurred? Explain.
Supply Graph: Has a movement along the supply curve or a shifting of the supply curve occurred? Explain.
Equilibrium Graph: Combine the changes stated for demand and supply and illustrate the impact on the equilibrium price and quantity. Has a surplus or a shortage been created? Explain.
Your paper must be 3-4 typed pages in length including your graphs. You must include a copy of the article you used in your research. Please attach your article to this paper,
use something on volksbagons cars cheating emissions and the possible effects it has on business