The Laws of Evidence and Evidential Procedure with Particular Regard to Continuity and Integrity of the Evidence

Prepare a case file for presentation to determine the approaches adopted in the evaluation of the below case study (see uploaded file). This will include your strategy for a suitable management and communication approach to ensure that the health of the neighbourhood is addressed. You must follow the laws of evidence and evidential procedure with particular regard to continuity and integrity of the evidence (use the British Standard for the site investigation assumption)
You should demonstrate your ability to conduct investigations, record and interpret data and draw appropriate conclusions. The file should include an appropriate statutory notice suitably completed with a view to formal service. (See uploaded file for some of the statutory notices).
Determine suitable management and communication approaches to ensure health is promoted within organisations
2. Organise and interpret data and evaluate against prescribed standards to ensure compliance.
3. Solve complex problems using evidenced based knowledge, develop risk based solutions and balance individual needs against the community at large
Marking Criteria
• Meets the required standard for presentation of level 7 academic work.
• Well-structured throughout
• Letters and Statutory Notice/s included in Appendix
• Work follows logical structure and reads well

Note: the statutory notices in the uploaded files are: Record of Noise Disturbance, Record of Dust Disturbance, Control of Noise on Construction sites: Notice imposing Requirements and, Abatement Notice in respect of Statutory Nuisance.
They are to be completed, scanned and then send back in order to complete the case file.

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