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Fast Carry Ltd. agrees to carry SS Ltd.’s goods on board Fast Carry Ltd.’s ship, The Angel, from London to Buffalo, USA. A bill of lading covers the contract of carriage by sea and it expressly provides that the Hague-Visby Rules shall govern the contract of carriage by sea.
The goods are stowed on deck under a mere liberty clause. On the way to Buffalo, half of the goods are washed off deck and the other half are damaged by rainwater because the tarpaulins are not placed properly over the goods though they are provided to protect the goods against rainwater.
Fast Carry Ltd. comes to you for advice regarding its liability arising from the above stated incidences under the Hague-Visby Rules. Fast Carry Ltd. also would like you to provide a critical comparison between the Hague-Visby Rules and the Hamburg Rules regarding the issue of carrier’s duties and immunities because Fast Carry Ltd. wants to know whether its position as a carrier would have been better under the Hamburg Rules.
Word count 2500
References bibliography not included in word count.
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