Innovation Policy and the Law

Dear writer,
I am a master of law student in an English university.
I need to get distinction in this assignment, so if (Intellectual property) is not your specific area in law, lets change the writer please.
I have studied number of topics during the semester, and I can choose a topic that belong to one of them.
Have a look at the titles of my classes during the semester below, and choose a topic that related to one of them please.
1.Before you start writing, tell me what did you choose and lets agree about the topic please.
2.My paper should be written in the UK system, it called OSCOLA , I didn’t find it in the options of Paper citation style! do you have an idea about that please?
3.Be careful of grammatical and spelling mistakes please as I am not perfect in English language and it maybe hard to me to get them correct.
4. If I like your paper, then I may choose you to write my dissertation in February.

My classes titles during the semester:
1 – Patent History – A History of Innovation?
2: Prizes in history
3: Prizes a new replacement?
4: Government funding / Philanthropy as an alternative
5: Open Innovation Models (other than software)
6: Free and open source software
7: WIPO / UN Development Agenda
8: Access to medicines
9: IP in Universities in the United States
10: IP in Universities in Europe
11: Patent pools
12: Evidence based policy making