Criminal Justice Studies

What is a critical problem that prisons are facing now?
. Find a SPECIFIC passage (short is ideal), or an image, or example (again, short). Explain what is going on in this specific passage. Then, explain why this passage illuminates one concern of the text as a whole. Next, explain how the text sheds light on the problem in which you are interested. Does the passage you selected or the text overall, raise new questions? Having read, discussed, and re-read the text, what is still worth discussing? How would you explain to your peers why it is important to look more closely at the specifics of the text? Think of the mini-paper as an invitation to others to keep thinking about what the author is doing.
1. Introduce the author, the text, etc. JUST JUMP RIGHT IN!
2. Select passages that just reflect easily the author’s text as a whole. A sentence that summarizes the reading isn’t interesting.
Your essay much be: Double-spaced, two pages MAXIMUM. You should use 12 point font — Times New Roman. Please put your name on the essay and put page numbers on the essay. Please remember to re-read your work and edit it for grammar and spelling.