Conduct of Administrative Agencies and Tribunals

Stick to guidelines and refer to Canadian Administrative Law.

– Topic:

Where a complainant argues a case of perceived objectionable, incorrect or wrongful conduct by an administrative agency or tribunal on both constitutional and subconstitutional grounds, how do Canadian courts determine which approach to use or which approach to consider first? Your commentary should make reference to the SCC decisions In Multani and at least two of the following S.C.C. decisions, Slaight, Eldridge, Blencoe, Suresh, Alhani and Lalonde. Do you agree or not with Professor Elliott that constitutional guarantees should be applied more cautiously than those of subconstitutional judicial review? Explain and discuss this dilemma. Do more than just describe. Be analytical in your answer, noting where possible any new relevant cases or commentaries.

-Extra instructions: I will attach a document explaining how to write this case study

– You can do an essay on some aspect of administrative law interpretation, adjudication, reform and advocacy that involves the courts. Alternative cases can be used with the approval of the instructor. Your case study or essay should be 10 text pages (double spaced) plus a title page, table of contents, footnotes and bibliography. There is no prescribed style guide for University of Ottawa students. You can adopt and modify one of the usual guides (e.g. Chicago, MLA or Turabian). Students are urged to follow the legal citation guidelines used by the Carleton University Law Department.