children’s rights

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Answer the following question

Should children have the same legal rights as adults? If not, what justifies the differences between the rights of children and those of adults?
● 2000 words (10% either way).
● Focus on the required philosophical reading materials. No need for further philosophical materials. (Which I will upload, its 2 readings from both philosophers john harries and Feinberg)
● Use the contemporary example provided, and introduce others. (From the PowerPoint that I will upload) these website is very helpful for examples and this is a school for no rules for children please include it in an example
● Demonstrate an understanding of the philosophical position being discussed.
● Evaluative rather than merely descriptive.
● Evaluation to include your own view.
● Deference
● Reluctance to present own argument
● Not addressing the question directly
● Overly ‘wise’ prose (anything which contains the phrase ‘the dawn of time’, for example)
● Introduction including thesis statement and ‘signposting’.
● The Case For (or Side 1).
● The Case Against (or Side 2).
● Evaluation. What are the strengths and shortcomings of each side? To what extent do you agree with each? Could certain ideas be adapted or improved?
● Conclusion, which refers to the thesis statement and builds upon it.

I HAVE WRIITEN DOWN EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO DO FOR THIS ESSAY. Please do it accordingly as I need an A to pass this course.

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