International Law

International Law
?The inescapable fact is that the world is today organized on the basis of the coexistence of states, and that fundamental changes will only take place through state action??
Philip C. Jessup, A Modern Law of Nations (1948) Macmillan Co.
How relevant is Jessup?s analysis of international law today in light of the recent proliferation of non-state actors in international relations?

Please note that this written assessment requires you to write a Research Paper. Accordingly:
1. Your Research Paper should be correctly footnoted in accordance with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation 3rd edition (AGLC) and must also contain a bibliography listing the sources which were cited in the Research Paper as well as those sources which were of general assistance to you in writing the Research Paper.
2. Correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation are of paramount importance.
3. This is also a fairly broad research topic (for which there is more than ample research material available) and your primary challenge will be to prioritise and synthesise key examples and relevant sources of international law which directly address this question.
4. Your Research Paper should include a comparative analysis of the roles of state and non-state actors as recognised by international law with a view to making an assessment of the relevance of Jessup?s statement today. The Research Paper is not intended to elicit a response focused on international relations and politics but instead requires a sustained analysis of the topic in the context of the body of relevant international law.
5. Most importantly, write your Research Paper in a concise and analytical manner which seeks to arrive at a conclusion with respect to the particular question and the issues it raises. An effective methodology in approaching this relatively broad question may involve examining the general issues raised by the question through particular subcomponents of international law (e.g. international human rights law or international criminal law) and the use of specific examples from the operation and development of international law in the latter 20th and early 21st Centuries.

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