European union law

Topic: European union law
Paper instructions:

Michael is a British farmer. He has been producing and selling his cheese and yoghurt throughout the UK with great success.
Michael now wishes to export his brand of cheese and yoghurt to the rest of the EU. He has encountered the following difficulties.

(a) In France, all imported dairy products are subject to a charge. The proceeds of this charge go to fund young French dairy farmers start up their business.
(b) Michael is banned from selling his fruit yoghurt in Portugal. The Portuguese government considers that only natural yoghurt is healthy and to sell his fruit variety would be bad for health.
(c) In Italy, shops are closed on a Sunday. The reduced trading is affecting Michael’s business.
(d) Following a recent milk contamination at a UK farm, the Romanian government has decided to ban all British milk products, including cheese and yoghurt, indefinitely.

Advise Michael as to the application of EU law on the free movement of goods to all of the above situations. Your answers must be justified on the basis of relevant Treaty articles and all decided cases.
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