section 4

-Topic: Section 4 deals with the Texas Revolution, Civil War, and Western Expansion. Look at the links below. Each link goes to either a photograph or painting of an historic event. Choose 5 links. Do not choose them all from the same section.
-Consider the questions: what does the portrait/ photograph tell you? What is the painting/ photograph about? Do you think it is historically accurate? Why or why not? Do you think the person that made the painting/ photograph had any knowledge of the person/event? Did they do any research on the subject? Is the subject portrayed in a favorable or unfavorable light? Why or why not? Do not just review the art form. Tie it to how history is portrayed. Do you think the photograph/ painting was done more for historic purposes or mainly for symbolism and inspiration?
-Length: you should write about 100 words+ each for 5 links.
-Grammar: This should be in formal essay form. No 1st person, ie I, you, us, we, etc. Keep I, we, us, our, etc out of formal essays. By the way you write you are telling me how you think. I know this can be hard. But you want to write something like: George Washington was the most influential person that has ever lived in America. And NOT: I think George Washington was a very important person that we all should care about. Be concise and well thought out. Format: Be sure to add your name to the doc title i.e. ZuponMelindaMSection4Essay. Include a title page with your name, date, assignment title. Place page numbers at the bottom of each page. Use Times New Roman- 12 pt. Double space. Makes sure to list the title and link of each painting/ photograph then write your essay about it below. You MUST use citations in Chicago Format or (author, page#). Include a separate page for a Bibliography.