Foreign Dierect Investment in China

Topic: Foreign Dierect Investment in China
References to use theories from Globalisation 2nd Edition Complied y Dr. Brendan Boyle text book and internet sources of 8 or more references as well. Can you please write the paper about foreign direct investment in China.
As this is a relatively short assignment, it does not need an executive summary (normally only for assignments 2500 words +). What it does need is a good short formal introduction outlining the key contents of the body of the report, a body and then a conclusion highlighting the key points in the body. In a nutshell, the intro tells the reader what they are going to read, the body tells them the details and the conclusion reminds the reader of the key points. As for the body, you should include a brief par defining what the Political Economy is and why we might analyse a country through the lens of the Political Economy. Then several pars discussing the economic, political and legal aspects of your chosen country. You should follow this with a par discussing how the three aspects of the political economy are interrelated and then a par discussing the attractiveness or otherwise of your chosen country for FDI – followed by your brief conclusion.