factors that affect the academic success of immigrant youth in Canada

Students will address a current issue facing ESL immigrants to Canada.

The paper should outline the issue clearly, with reference to current TESL/immigration literature; the paper should also detail suggestions for addressing the issue from a number of different perspectives (e.g., learners’, instructors’, programs’, funders’, settlement agencies’, policymakers’, as relevant).
(3,500 words max., excluding references; 12-point Times New Roman, 1” margins, APA style)

” You’ll need to take into consideration that many “immigrant” youth come to Canada with very advanced skills in many subject areas, and some of them, when put in classes with others their own age, have much more developed knowledge in these areas. Other students, who are refugees, have interrupted formal schooling and other difficulties (e.g., trauma) that need to be taken into consideration when they are placed in classes with other students their own age. Some of the factors that affect their academic success are similar, but others vary considerably.”