Research: Arabs in Ottoman History

Dear Writer:Please follow the following directions carefullyfor this analytical research paper. I need an essay of around 2,000 words but not more than 2,000 (excluding footnotes and a reference page) and be detailed and specific when you write, and balance between analysis and description.

Question: Examine the “impact” of Ottoman reforms on the Arab provinces.
I mean by Arab provinces the following only: Egypt / Great Syria which includes Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria / Arabian Peninsula, especially Hijaz / Iraq, especially Mousl, Basra, and Baghdad).Each province HAD ITS OWN IMPACT.

• this essay should not be in first person
• include a creative title
• include some dates when necessary
• define regions, names…etc. For example, Sultan Abulhamid, which is ruler number x in the empire
• do not mention “this paragraph will discuss, or this portion will discuss”; I am looking for quality more than quantity of words
• Avoid using several transitions “on the other hand…etc.; I am looking for quality more than quantity of words.
• Please abide by the word limi