Meaning of History

The focus and defense are your to determine. Give yourself some leeway and just make a judgment as to both. In this paper I want to see some effort at thinking about the topic assigned critically.It is up to you if you want to use quotes from all the sources or use a couple based on your defence chosen . If you choose to use one, and you think you can make a compelling essay by just focusing on one.. great. . ENGAGE IT CRITICALLY AND THOUGHTFULLY and PROVOCATIVELY WITHOUT ERROR. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCE BUT THE ONE I PROVIDE. INCLUDE ASPECTS OF CULTURE AND CONTEXTS. Provide quotations from the sources to back up your claims.. Write from a Senior Masters Student. Make it so everything flows beautifully.. Make sure everything is Gramatically Correct and the Critical engagment starts from PAGE 1.. not blabber on before and have the essay start later.,,, The author for the sources is L.MOS! If you have any conflictions, or things dont make sense from the sources, make sure you focus/state them in the essay. You are free to question things if you think about a different scenerio/concept that wasnt addressed by the author