The roaring 20’s and the Great Depression. Study History because it repeate itself, history connects today to yesterday. Political decisions or events. need to retrieve a current event article in the last 5 years, making connections between The roaring 20’s and the Great Depression you will be responsible for finding an online article from a reputable news source Example; Time.com, USA Today, The New York Times. In the current event article address each of the following.Provide a summary of the article (include the following: source, date, important people
and events, place/location).
 Explain the connection to the information of the roaring 20’s and the great Depression, how does this current event article connect to the roaring 20’s and the Great Depression. What impact did the past have on the events taking place today? Is it political, economics, and /or social? Provide specific past historical events/ people/documents that are involved.What does the current event article tell us about the past? What prediction do you have on this event affecting the future?
Provide a reflection on your personal opinions regarding the current event article and the
historical events it is connected to.
 Make sure to provide a hyperlink to the article. (Check to make sure your hyperlink
Important note: Even though this is a journaling assignment, grammar and proper APA
writing must be followed at all times. Please review all work before submitting.need a title page, reference page. double space