Cultural Event Reflection Paper

Pick a cultural event or gathering to attend. This event should be one that exhibits ethnic and cultural or religious heritage as a premise for its existence and performance. It should also be one that stretches the boundaries of what is ethnically and culturally familiar. For example, someone from an Irish cultural background may choose to attend a Native American cultural event. Someone who is of Asian descent may choose to attend a cultural event of European origins.
• Students are responsible for locating their own cultural events to attend, but I will announce possible events as I hear of them. Please check with me if you have any questions about possible events. (It may be helpful to pick up materials or pamphlets for your review and to bring to class for our discussions.)
• Because religion has been historically used in constructions of race and ethnicity, students are also welcome to attend an event from a religious background that is different from their own.
• The paper may address a religious service that is unfamiliar to you. You may consider: Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Catholicism, Baptist, Lutheran, Quaker, Evangelical, Amish, etc. (Ask if you need assistance.)
• You should also use opportunities such as weddings, Quinceañera, Samhian events, an Amish barn raising, a naming ceremony for a newborn child, a christening, national independence day celebrations, new year celebrations, a Reggae music festival, visiting a friend who is of a different cultural background at their home with their family, etc. to fulfill this assignment. BE CREATIVE!
• Some events may require registration, tickets, or a fee. You will want to plan accordingly. (Event times, locations, and dates are subject to change. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with any changes.)

Papers will be graded on a 10 point scale and should include the following:
• A 1-2 page introduction to, and description of, the event. Be sure to address (in essay format) issues of who, what, when, where, and why.
• A 1-2 page personal analysis to the event, as it relates to class material. (Sample Questions: What did you personally learn from the event? What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about someone else? Were you comfortable? Anxious? Confused? Why or why not? Explore personal responses as they relate to class concepts, terms, and theories.)
• A 1-2 page academic analysis to the event, as it relates to class material. Tie course material to what you experienced at the event. (Sample Questions: How does it relate? What course concepts or themes did you see in action while attending the event? How did course materials influence the ways you understood and interpreted this event? Did something contradict what we have discussed in class? If so, what? What does that tell you)