Journal-Personal & Organizational Ethics

Topic: WK2 Journal-Personal & Organizational Ethics
You will create profiles for the for-profit and not-for-profit companies that you have chosen to examine in this course.
Fill out company profiles for both of the companies you chose to research. Follow the instructions and questions below for each company.
Company Profile (Not-for-Profit)
Profile of [Company Name] (Franz, 2005)
Write a paragraph here that describes the company. Identify the company’s:
1. Area of interest
2. History
3. Summary of activities
4. Funding sources
6. Values statement
Tip: Good sources of information to use are the company website and other credible non-profit web sites.
Include the company’s details:
1. Location
a. List the headquarters.
2. Tax exempt status
a. Is the company a 501c)(3)? If so, what date was it granted this status? If not, what is the name of the umbrella organization?
3. Personnel
a. How many employees does the company have?