Ethnicity/Race In Children’s Literature


TOPIC: Ethnicity/Race In Children’s Literature

The questions and the outline contained in the ‘question’ file I uploaded MUST be completed by 6:00 PM EST of 11/8/2015

What I need today is the outline and the answers to the question located in the file I uploaded called “Questions”. The rest of this assignment I can accept Monday after this first part is done!

The full assignment is to prepare a presentation of what you’d like us to know about the topic you’ve researched. I’d like you to include images, words, and a script for voice narration; you may use video clips or music if appropriate. You may use any software programs you like to do this. Jing is a very simple program that will allow you to take a video of whatever you have on your screen and then narrate it. You may prerecord the presentations and post them, or do them live and be recorded doing them.

You may wish to cover such topics as

•why this topic was important to you;
•what surprised you as you researched it;
•how you’ll use the information;
•what’s the most significant thing you learned about the subject;

Please include a one- to two-paragraph written introduction to your presentation on the discussion board entry. The model you should use for your introduction is that of an abstract. There are a number of elements you should include:

1) Your research question. What did you want to learn and why is it important?

2) The way you researched the answer to your question (e.g., internet research, experiment or survey).

3) What you learned. Include major points and some examples.

4) Your conclusions about the impact of this information on what you do or think.

If you’re using Jing, to record your presentation, save it to the Jing server. You will get a URL for your recording. View this short JING video to learnhow to attach your presentation to the discussion board entry so it opens in a new window.

NOTE TO WRITER: Please do NOT record an audio narration. I