Business Ethics

Read and follow the instructions attached. Do ONLY point 2 that states: 2- Identify the facts: Study the company/Set the background—state its company values, code of conduct, corporate mission, corporate culture, and brief history of the company. What does the company do? Who is the CEO? What is it known for? Who was the founder of the company? Why did the founder start the company? What are the last five year profits and projected results for the year of the situation in the company? What is the industry standard or code of ethics/conduct for this company? Where does this company sit on the Etisphere List of Most Ethical Companies? Is this company a Fortune 500 company? If so, what is its rank? Is this a multinational company? Is it a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)? What other International treaties/laws/policies does it have to abide by? Is this company listed as a best company to work for? If yes, what is its ranking? Are there any media reports about this dilemma? If so what is the reputation of the company before and after this situation?
The other points will be done by other students for the first draft.
The case is attached.
Use all sources that you need but you also must use the course book. The book is Business Ethics – Decision Making for Personal Integrity and Social Responsibility, Hartman, DesJardins, and MacDonald, Third Edition (2013), McGraw-Hill International Edition.
In the guidelines attachment there are some other constructions that must be followed. Please read them carefully.