You must draw on at least three chapters of Michele Hilmes’ Only Connect. No outside research. Sources must be cited.

In 1961, FCC Chairman Newton Minow said that TV was failing its audience; that it had become a “Vast Wasteland.” In 1982, FCC chairman Mark Fowler said that TV was simply ” a Toaster with picture,” with no special responsibilities to consumers. Compare and contrast these two views of the medium. What prompted Minow to criticize the industry so harshly? What reforms, if any, came about during this tenure at the FCC? What changes in FCC policy, if any, came about Fowlers’s time at the FCC? In each view, what does pitman to say that broadcasting should serve “the public interest”? Which philosophy, in your opinion, best serves the public interest? Be sure to explore the concepts of media regulation, deregulation, and self-regulation.

All Sources must be cited, Whenever you quote, paraphrase, or summarize.