Whos in charge of being black WWSLD

Whos in charge of being black

What would Spike Lee do?

Pierre Delacroix .a character obviously representing the assimilated black man who has had his blackness all but educated out of him. But does this make him less black? e guy is antv execHe has a job to do he hes to come up with a hit show so the property value of their adspacewil go up. Hes not an independent film maker who can shit out a bunch of points he wants to make and display the jugemental arrangements say its art so shut up

Manray?Womack?Sellouts? No, I’d describe them more as let’s say, HUNGRY.Theres not enough free will involved for these guys to be judged

. Regardless of what Lee intended what he’s done is made a movie about how it bothers him when black people don’t handle their blackness properly. While Lee is a Black Icon, he is not chairman of the board of directors of blackness and culture. I’m not black but I can see that lee is suggesting that all of the characters in the movie are bad for business in regards to the future of black culture. If spike lee lived in a world where all black americans handled their blackness in a way he approved of,I don’t know how much culture would be involved at all . Malcom and Martin had very different ways of confronting the same situation. What are white americans supposed to understand about black culture? not black history, but what being black is about today. If spike leescaracterpierredelacoix played bydamonwayans



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