it’s simple. You Go to an Indian restaurant for a meal, and look around. Consider the decor, the artwork, the music (if there’s music playing), the aroma, and of course the food! Do you recognize any imagery or does the experience connect to Indian Religion or Culture? Does the preparation of the food or even the ingredients suggest something about the culture or region where the cuisine originated? Write up your thoughts in a page-long discussion (double spaced, and don’t take up a ton of space at the top of the page with name/class name, etc…that eats up too much space! This isa casual writing assignment…no need for footnotes or citations or anything, this is a personal statement on what you think about your experience.
Consider that you went to an Indian Restaurant Called “King Of Tandoor” that located in Philadelphia, PA USA.

you can look for it on google for pictures and information, and pretend that you went there and start talking about it and answer the questions.