Using or claiming the work or ideas of someone else as your own without acknowledgement is wrong.’

Support or refute the above statement, making reference to existing and credible research on the
topic to provide a strong basis for your argument position.
When answering this style of essay you are to consider the above topic statement from more than
one point of view and provide supported, credibly referenced arguments for and against the main
ideas and draw a conclusion.
Suggested (but not limited to) points to consider in your research and argument;
 Ethics and integrity – moral implications
 Trust issues – breach of trust – fellow students, employees, customers
 Plagiarism issues – reasons for referencing, academic capability and idea development
 Legal issues – Intellectual Property, Copyright, Trademarks, Brand damage, crime
 Societal issues – cultural issues, advancement / continuing development of knowledge
Your response should show evidence of having consulted a wide range of credible reference
sources (minimum of six) including textbooks, peer reviewed journals, business periodicals and
reputable websites to assist you in your discussion.
Correctly cited all in-text
references using the APA
Correctly formatted &
alphabetically correct APA
Reference List
Reference list includes nine (9)
or above credible sources from
a variety of origins including
but not limited to periodicals,
journals, books, audiovisual
electronic resources (not just six
or more different websites)

In-text references are from
credible sources and used to
support or enable high levels of
discussion to develop.
In-text references are
completely relevant to topic

Highly appropriate essay
structure applied.
Precise and logical organisation
of ideas /paragraphs.
Highly appropriate topic
sentences clearly identifiable
within well structured
paragraphs containing clear
explanations, supporting
statements / illustrative
examples and linking sentences.
Seamless flow of ideas.

An excellent / outstanding
discussion of the main topic
ideas, providing arguments
both for against the
assessment statement and
inclusion of relevant and
credibly supported
contemporary issues

Appropriate and varied
sentence structures used
Vocabulary used is at a high
level and significantly
enhances the persuasiveness /
coherence of the ideas
Academic writing
conventions have been
correctly observed

English grammar,
punctuation, spelling, and
capitalization are correct.
No errors / minimal errors
that do not detract from the
clarity of the discussion and
development of supported