Unreached People of Bedouin, 

1. This is a UPG NOT a UUPC (Unreached, Unengaged PG). You must choose a group that has enough information to warrant a paper this size.
2. Be sure to footnote from joshuaproject.net the UPG status.
3. The thesis statement should refer briefly to the entire paper outline.
4. So I can help you prevent any major problems, include a proposed table of contents too, showing the projected outline and page limits for each section. This change will increase the one page limit.
5. Your unreached people group paper is 30 percent (300 points) of your grade so begin now. IT IS DUE FRIDAY NIGHT. NO EXTENSIONS DUE TO CHRISTMAS. Follow the instructions, announcement advice and grading rubric very closely. NOTE: The first two chapters provide information for the third chapter.
Focus on information that directly impacts the development of your strategy.
a. Background information (5–7 pages) on the people group (history, language, culture, economy, religion, family). Also, include in an appendix a map. Focus on information that impacts your strategy development.
a. A survey of missions work (5–7 pages) to this people (history of missions among them, the current status of the church, how many known believers, challenges, present strategies; if possible, contact a missionary presently working with this group). Again, focus on the information that aides and applies to your strategy
b. Proposed strategy (6–7 pages). This is the longest part of your paper. From the perspective of (1) a missionary going to them (2) a missions organization beginning work among them (3) a sending church sending laborers to work among them, propose a strategy. While biblical principles ought to be in place, the specific strategy should take into account the background information on the people group and the survey of past and present missions work among the people. Finally, your project should take into consideration the articles in Winter and Hawthorne, Perspectives, chs. 84–136. Note the need to include a comprehensive approach. Including how each of these approaches from the texts apply to your UPG:church planting, medical (including dental and optical), tent making, short term trips, Bible distribution, construction, dynamic equivalents, children’s events, orphanages, technology, water wells, music, radio/TV, reaching nationals outside the country to return with Jesus.
8. This RESEARCH paper should conform to the LU Style Guide and include a title page, table of contents, section headings, at least 30 scholarly footnotes (in addition to scripture), introduction, conclusion and a bibliography. Your paper should include more than 6 scholarly sources, including all class texts. NOTE the maximum page count of 20 pages of content will be needed for an A grade.
9. These are the most common errors: This is NOT a country study. If you present a country study or a group not listed on joshuaproject, the paper will be penalized 80 points.
10. Wikkipedia is NOT a scholarly source. Use only Internet references that have peer review
11. The Safe Assign system used by Liberty is thorough, effective and indisputable.
12. Interviews are great, remember to include the transcript in an appendix
13. The LU Style guide does not allow First Person in a formal paper. The experiences, opinions and beliefs of the writer are not the focus of this research paper. The writer is an observer NOT a participant.
14. The bib and footnotes should be single spaced. A minimum of 30 scholarly footnotes is required.
15. Please do not use any one source more than THREE times to ensure a thorough research paper.
16. Look in Turabian p. 219, number 5 for correct citation of chapters in Winter.
17. Please be sure to include practical application. The longest section should be the strategy section. Please include applicable scripture throughout
18. Note a research paper anticipates extensive interaction with scholars and resources (at least 30 scholarly footnotes in addition to extensive scripture citations).
The writer’s experience is not a resource. Personal opinions are not appropriate but if included must be in a footnote and documented from biblical and scholarly sources