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Assignment 2 : Group assessment – 3 to 4 students to a group Advertising strategy (Preparation begins early in the semester) Due Date Week 14. Monday, 9 November. 12:00 pm. Upload to assignment drop box in Moodle. Learning outcomes and graduate attributes This assignment addresses all learning outcomes (see Section 2a); and all UC Graduates Attributes (see Section 2b). Value 50% Suggested length 3000 words Instructions In a group, the students are to develop an advertising strategy for University of Canberra, undergraduate students. The brief is available in the main text block of the Unit Moodle site. Further information will be given during the course of the semester. Purpose of assignment The purpose of this assignment is to: • Demonstrate your understating of the considerations in developing an advertising strategy • recognise the elements of a strategy • practise your skills in producing a logical structure to address the issue • extend your research competencies • further develop your critical thinking skills Marking criteria Your assignment must include the following: • Situation analysis • Aims, goals and objectives • Target segments • Message design • Budget Page 16 of 18 Australian Government Higher Education (CRICOS) Registered Provider number: #00212K • Implementation • Evaluation