Tourism and Society

Tourism and Society
Order type: Essay

Obviously, an individual’s circumstances change over the years. You will be given some opening information covering the period 1955 – 1965 to allow you to make your initial decisions.

Given the biographical and lifestyle circumstances, you then need to complete the remainder of the table, focussing on:

• The type and duration of the holidays taken by your characters at various lifetime stages.
• The destination(s) visited.
• Justification for your decisions regarding the above points. This will include identifying issues such as:
o factors enabling and constraining individuals at various stages in their life.
o factors that motivate individuals throughout their lifetime.
? When considering the above points, remember also that an individual’s attitudes and perception do change throughout his/her life and you are allowed some freedom in anticipating this in your decision making.
o the personalities of each character and their families (where appropriate).
• Changes in society (related to the characters’ country of origin or choice).

• Decisions should be supported by theoretical underpinning as appropriate.
The Graphs which need to be filled in for Ivica and Merlene are attatched to this order and also the character profiles are also attatched to the order any problems please email me thanks.