The Painting of Modern Life

Please ANALYZE the readings in aspects of interior, femininity and domestic!!!!!
The paper must relate to 3 readings in an extensive way to the topic of your choice: 1) Walter Benjamin, “Paris, Capital of the Nineteenth Century” and 2) Giorgio Agamben, “What is Contemporary”, as well as 3) Charles Baudelaire “The Painter of Modern Life”.
You can find them online!!!!

In other words, they should NOT simply be references tacked onto the beginning and/or conclusion of your paper, but form an INTEGRAL PART of your ongoing argument throughout the essay.
Please follow the summary below writing and make sure 100% no plagiarism.
I am going to present Auguste Renoir’s Madame Georges Charpentier and Her Children, which finished in 1878, and now collected by Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
In my presentations, I want to discuss what kind of culture be included in this painting? It is French culture undoubtedly, but what composed it at that time? First of all, the French industrial revolution. We can not see the French industrial revolution directly in this painting, but consider carefully you will find out all of the things in this painting are because of the revolution. Such as textile industry and transportation. The sofa and dresses are because of the textile industry. The carpet, screen and vase are transported by train from other countries.
Secondly, the Salon in Paris. The female liberated greatly after the French Revolution. They can pursue their freedom and fashion, like the Madame in the painting with low-neck dress. She sat in the sofa with her leisurely sitting posture. In her salon is a cultural hub, writer, artist and musician were invited, such as Émile Zola,Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet.
Thirdly, the happiness in the family. Because of the city was developing, most of family at that time are rich, Madame at home know how to spend money in the most appropriate place. The accessories in salon is a very good example. For the pet, dog just for watching the door in the past. But in this painting, the dog sat in the salon, seem as one of the family member.
Abundant economy, liberal politics and human awakening are three important elements to let Renoir create this painting. Also because of the Impressionism can bring the public happiness, so it becomes the most famous genre in the world.